Make you my buisness


You say to me, I work to much
you´re tellin´ me - I´ve got no heart
and that I never satisfy you
by running every matter by you
And in my crazy show - you don't like the part you play
You say I´m ratting you way too low
you need some points on your resume
you say I tend to be forgettin´
that thought I never caught you quittin´
I might catch you takin´ chances - with new romances
and If I do

I´d better make you my business
I´d better make you my main affair
and start to even out the score
to show you even more I care
I´d better make you my business
I should be working hard day and nite
to make you a better deal
trying to make you feel all right

You´re tellin´ me - it´s time to wake up
I can´t imagine that your´e mine for keeps
you´re heart and soul n´ you´re still livin´
you feel that I´m not really givin´
It s time for me to start to deliver
or it´s all up river - for you to see