As good as it gets
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen

You close you eyes and then you try to erase it, but life don´t seems to ever go away and leave you alone.
when will we learn? We ask ourselves, but let´s face it!
The chances are that we never will, if we´re young or grown.
See that wise man smiling!
I can´t help but thinking that he knows - That this is as good as it ever gets, from rise until it sets the sun will shine or it won´t - you live og you don´t and then you die.
But this is as good as it ever gets. You win og loose you bets, but then the chances you take, might keep you awake until you die.
So here we are. All in the mess that we´re making, by near and far, everyone you meet is dying to live, and as we speak, all good is there for tha taking.
Just pick it up, it is at your feet if you dare to give.