Sleeping with strangers
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen

I might as well be dead - could have been long gone, ´cause you´d never notice who I was. And id I raised my head and tried to be someone, you would still be the problem and the cause to sleepless nights, long hours of waiting, praying for wonders to occur, ´cause the wrongs and the rights in the conduch of dating are no longer the same as they once were. I know all about you, men of your past. My little but precious time is runing fast. Sleeping with strangers, never with you. Being with someone just passing through. And I´m waisting my time, you know some of us do-sleeping with strangers.
Now do you feel, like me, we´re in transit, going from nowhere to anywhere else.
Is this is for real, tell me, who want´s it?
Love must be more that shabby motels. Maybe I want you so much, because you are out of reach, out of touch. Sleeping with strangers, whoever thay would be, being with someone, that should have been me, wasting your time, unselfled but free, sleeping with strangers. I never picked the time or found the place to reach out my hand.
I got to pieces when I see your face, ´cause I understand, that I am just a man, sleeping with strangers.
I am wasting my time by spending mine with strangers, never with you