Something Bad
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen

I was cool as cool can be, kind ad bared n´so was she, som why not paint a town that needed colours. Her smile lit up the whole saloon. Her lovely body, I assume, had gotten her in trouble making dollars. I shot my standing opening line (that I read somewhere and made it mine), but I hardly needed words to find in access to her heart!.
Wnting something bad to come out good, she trusted all I said, like a lover would.
I said, until I die, I´d want her near, telling her everything she would like to hear.
She have had her ups, but mostly downs in party cities and crying towns, caviaer, back seat of my car, I told her every lie I could think of.
That I was once millionaire caught up in a love affair and that show seandal ruined me and there was nothing I could to.
We were talking till the morning and only half was true. The dawn was gray and hazy.
She says, she wants another life. I said "I´m only waiting you!. Your perfume makes me crazy". I said: "i god the great deal" Come on! Lets get out of here! This town has goet no atomsphere suitable for us"
Wanting something bad to come out good. She trusted all I said like a lover would.
I said until I die, I would want her near. Telling every lie she would love to hear.!