Wasn´t worth it
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen

The page is shining whita like november snow
No words of comfort will come to mind to let you know
I got no way explaining
This feeling deep inside that I know the time is right now
I fold the paper slowly leaving just one line
It is not much, but still you´ll know, I see the blame as mine
I should have tried preparing
Insted I lied undaring
You still don´t know, but then
you can´t have thought, that we would never end?
Time and time again I ask a shame
would I have taken quite the same from you
I know the answer, knowing who´s to blame
doing it too
By this time you know, I wasn´t man enough to stay
I almost feel you crying
it hurts so real, I´m dying
By this time you knew, I wasn´t worth it anyway