(tekst og musik: Søren Jacobsen - Ivan Pedersen)

All suede jackets with fringes flyin´ in the air
Fields full of people dancin´ to the summer of love
The wind of change was blowing gently
Through your hair (´n the)
Music took us higher than the skies above

All this is coming back to me
and everything was new
And when music changed the world -
it lifted me and you

Than we´ed ever been before - in full control - aiming
to never come down anymore -
When rock ´n´roll would make us come together
to never be the same
Longhaired or leather revolution was the game flyin´
Than we´ed ever been before opening up the door

Three days closer to heaven than we´ed ever been
Smilin´ faces greeting a world of joy
A bigger crowd more peacefull than you´ed ever seen
Soared when someone announced the birth of a boy

And I remember me and you
We saw what could be done
We could start our lives a new
The flight had just begun