Caught by suprise

Looking around i''ve been waiting
To see the magic that a love can do
I never saw it- i never discovered
Just what it meant till i ran into you (uh uh)

Falling in love what good could it do me
I saw my friends so crazy one by one
But i was wrong cause now that you got me
It feels like living''s only just begun

Take it easy just let it happen
Come on and let us give it a try
Fast as lightni'' that''s us from the clear blue sky

''Cause i''m feeling

* caught by surprise how was i to believe
My emotions would leave me caught by surprise
Am i right when i say you will never deceive me

I love you or at least that''s what think i do
''Cause i never did feel this way before
It''s the first time around and you got me by surprise

Faded love that''s what we''re used to
Easy comin'' and easy go give it up i wanna be with you
But i guess that you already know

We are something together we''re magic
I know it''s lovin'' don''t ask me why
Fast as lightnin'' that hit us from the clear blue sky

''Cause i''m feeling

Repeat * * * *

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