All that I´ve got
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen - Lars Krarup/Ivan Pedersen

You lie awake at night - tossin´and turnin´
as if I didn´t love you right
just lettin´you know what you know

So you´re not satisfied
you call me defensive
but you just got to trust in me
and what your arms can hold

´Cause all that I´ve got - for you
every little thing that makes us two
and all that I´ve got - for you
no one takes away

But when your twillight moves
are softened by shadows
and I make love to you
breaking the edge of the doubt
now that´s what I´m about

And that´s what I´ve got - for you
though parts of my soul
you can´t look through
att that I´ve got for you
no one takes away

In your nightmares - I am cheartin´
you make calls to trace me down
but my heart is - only beating
like a drum when you´re around