Tekst og musik: Lars Krarup/Ivan Pedersen

I found a long forgotten cover from my favourite band
And memories of a faded loveaffair was right at hand
People, names and odd locations, friends that passed away
Songs so full of connotation send your mind astray
Anywhere music takes me there
Sad goodbyes or sweet temptations, songs are mental care.

Early morning sent of flowers strikes me like a new
Even in the midnight hour, what a song can do!
Anywhere music takes me there
Underneath the stormy showers songs will comfort you

Sometimes just a single line cuts through deep inside
So I know just where I can find words that make the shadow turn to lights
I see colours - I see rainbows - I´m a child again
Sunny days or foggy windows in the driving rain
Anywhere music takes me there
Broken up or if your love grows, your´ve got songs to care