Tekst og musik:Ivan Pedersen

I never knew my way
the way that you do
I don't know what to say
when you speak for all
Like I m not always right
the way that you are
And if it's time to fight,
I'm the first one to fall

But healin' wounds when it's over
sowing seeds where the green has gone
Healin' wounds when it's over
That's what I do -
That's what I do - healin' wounds

Don't recognise the truth as fast as you do
I won't invest in youth
like you think you should
Is something good or not,
you seem to know it
I'm losing track a lot,
like you never would

But healin' wounds...

My heart don't ever fly
as high as yours do
So I don't often cry
the whole night through
I never seem to laugh
as loud as you do
You'd better cut your grin to half,
'cause the joke is on you

I'm healin' wounds when it's over...