Hunger for life
Tekst og musik:Ivan Pedersen

Leavin' town
Why stay
Going to places with names I couldn't say
My hunger for life
got nowhere to dine
so I'm travellin1 around
in my mind
flying out
on fantasies wings - everywhere
doing excitin' things
Got a hunger for life
if only life would let me in

I wander around
all is new
A million dreams
but what's a man to do
with his hunger for life
when they deny him
grounds to be about
No I'm running away
but runnin' where
just somewhere ele
Who will meet me there
but my hunger for life
life that just won't let me in

So try me out 'n try me again
try for once to let the new guy in
I need it bad
and 1 won't let go
Got something for me
then let me know

'Cause I'm leaving town
why stay?
Chances for me
wouldn't grow here anyuJay,
and my hunger of life
would fade and slowly die
Sure I'll fight
and you know I wouldn't lie
So if I said I'll get it right
I would no doubt
fight this feeling
that my luck is running out
But my hunger for life
is gonna' make it come around