Queen of the night
Tekst og musik: Søren Jacobsen - Ivan Pedersen/Ivan Pedersen

I´ve known that girl through my teens
she seemed to have both ways and means
of makin' ends meet - of stayin- alive
of cuttin' the crap - she never listened to jive
talkin' to your face - kickin" your behind
shootin' straight o she was one of a kind

She was a queen of the night
livin´ off a' the street
if you'd lost in a fight
she would get you on your feet
get you a meal and shack you up
offer a deal to good to drop
a queen of the night
livin" of a' the street and ready to fight

Never one word - no complaint
neither was she devil, nor virgin or saint
day to day needs - she'd provide
the tricks of the trade just to get her by
the race is rough, but she's ahead
gentle and tough in life as in bed

Last night I was passin' by
she had gone away - no tellin' why
ol' lady down the corridor said:
"you look familiar, 1ve seen you before"
said: "queenie left, took the kids along
she made her some money! "
now queenie was strong