Sea of love
Tekst og musik: Søren Jacobsen/Ivan Pedersen

I gotta' talk to someone right away
Someone might as well be you
I'm afraid that I am loosing
every sense I've got

I could never face those eyes again
Like a dive in the deep blue
Like a radar lookin' through me
or a raging wave at sea, over me

Feels like going down
I couldn 't get away 'cause I'm about to drown
Feels like going down
in the sea of love

I used to think that I've been through all that
that I learnt my lesson well
howlin' like a wolf at the full moon
never knowin' why
must be natures call that's drivin' me

I feel ripped and torn apart
overboard an ocean-liner
Miles and miles of deep blue sea
over me

Feels like going down....

Clinging to whatever´s left to carry me
to my rescue ´till I´m found
´till I stand on solid ground.

Feels like going down....