Song to remember me by
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen - Lars Krarup/Ivan Pedersen

Come on and catch a song in the makin'
Honey come and watch it grow,
nobody quite like you could inspire me so
I know what is shaking,
and I know where it's at
and girl if not for you
it wouldn't be like that

It's just a song to remember me by
Some lines are gonna' make you laugh and cry
Some words of comfort for when I say good-bye
A song to remember me by

Now we believe in forgiveness
and that jealousy ain 't fun
So I know that when I split,

Honey you'll live on
I know i won't forget your lovin´'
'cause I'm tattooed by your touch
But to stay forever girl, I never loved that much

I'll leave a song to remember me by...

Anybody knows that lovin´'
is second to none in passin' time
There ought to be a price for turtle-down'
'cause Honey, what I've got to give
ain't worth a dime

It's just a song to remember me by...