Sweet delight
Tekst og musik: Søren Jacobsen - Ivan Pedersen/Ivan Pedersen

I'm gonna find me a love that I can call my own
to be there and guide my way in a world of stone
and nobody loved her, held her, gave her comfort and shelter
like I'll do
she's so real to me
I woo her in my fantasy
the only one who'll touch her body
is me
me and nobody else

Some are born to sweet delight
(you know how it is)
everything just turns out right
(but know that)
I'm left to endless nights
where there is such a long way till dawn

When I come home - she's always there
and when she lets her hair hang down
she'll take me anywhere
so wonderful a female creation
out of imagination, out of reach

Oh; my baby1 I'll never let nobody get to you
oh; my darlin'1 you'll never live alone

And nobody could love her, hold men, cryin' on my shoulder
and nobody could touch her body
like I can
me and no other man