Talk about love
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen

They talk about kids
They talk about their men
On a girls night out they talk of most anything
And they talk about love - always ´bout love
When girls go out there´s never no doubt
They always end up talknin´ ´bout love

They talk about sex
They talk about their car
On a boys night out these matters dominate by far
They never talk about love - never ´bout love
When boys go out I can tell you no doubt
They never talk about love

´Cause any guy knows sweet whispers in the night
Is a very fine start to make a woman feel allright
´Cause give a man space and he´ll start walking
He´d rather be practising than spendin´ time talkin´ ´bout love

What do they talk about these guys?

They talk about this
They talk about that
When the big boys summit tryin´to seperate good from bad
But du they never talk about love
No, they don´t know about love
When all of the pushin´it comes to showe
They don´t know a bit about love
When alle decisions they are made by a bunch of guys like us
Our mind leave the matter
When our bodies start rockin´
Stille we don´t dream of even contemplating talknin´ ´bout love
Sweet love!
Sweet love!
Sweet love!