The river knows
Tekst og musik: Lars Krarup/Ivan Pedersen

I know I
I like to watch the river run
Stppin´ by this place with hardly anyone around
Here my mind it goes to where it never goes
Somewhere I don´t know
But the river knows
How i fell
Coming home to find you gone
So unreal
´Cause you have always been the one for me
But you´ll come back
Sure as this ol´ river flows
I do believe that you´ll come back
´Cause that´s the way it always goes
Why I couldn´t tell - but the river knows
As the sun´s setting shadow´s growing long
This twilight state of mind makes me feel you
Allmost real to me
Goin´ home
The riversong is playing on
On my own
Though missing you to walk along with me
I kvow so well
This soothing peace of mind it shows
Anyone I meet
They could tell I´ve got this feelin´ and it grows
That one day I will know, what the river knows