Too many rabbits
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen - Søren Jacobsen/ Ivan Pedersen)

You've got a steady seat, where you'll fight to stay
Ten wild hoeses couldn't drag you away
pretend to fight for a righteous cause
while undercover grabbing what was never yours

Your bag of tricks is for polotics
The centre of power is where you get your kicks (Bas ind)
your aim is high, standards are low
Calling camera one, and you're ready to go

But you've got too many rabbits
you've got too maby rabbits
but you've got too many rabbits
for one hand to hold.

Nose in the air and you ear to the ground
More than aware, when there's election around
You know what to say, and you know to do
no rules in this gane are news to you.

You take offence if you're called a crook
your name for others don't stand in no book
you use your charm anf your wits and your guts
Calling' your fans bright and your opponents nuts

But you've got too many rabbits.....

You can fool a lot of people
you can cheat'em good and clean
you can throw the lines, but in the end
they'll see what is written in between

You can fool a lot of people....

But you've got too many rabbits

You've got too many rabbits.... and a monkey on your back.