Walking through another dream
Tekst og musik: Søren Jacobsen - Ivan Pedersen/Ivan Pedersen

Kicked out of school-no work ahead
his boyhood friends turn to foes
his girlfriend sue-chooses tom instead
all of his a's turn to o's
a guitar in his hand and he's never alone
so he don't seem to care

He's walking' through another dream
castles of sand will fall to the ground
nothing's really what it seems
so blinded, that he'll never see
what knocked him down

Outrageous gear-suits him well
all dressed up and fit to go
he knows his licks-and he can tell
tricks of the trade-you don't know
his mind is all set-for the big city lights
he hasnt got a care

He's walkin´ through another dream ....

The city´ll make me a new man
he smiles on the greyhound bus
walkin' through another dream ....

Auditions later you'll find him
night-attending at the motel

Walkin' through another dream ....