Won´t you come over
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen

Right across from my kitchen window I watch you come and go
on your way to work or in your sunday best
I know I gotta see som more!

I´ve notices guys that drove you home never seem to be the same
so one of these days I´m gonna call you up
soon as I know your name

Won´t you come over?
I´ve got plans for me and you
Won´t you come over?
I will make a suggestion or two

Until then I´m gonna´sharpen up my act n´everything I do
I´m gonna teach myself some manners, tryin´a be good enough for you
Gonna buy myself a sout that fits n´throw my ragged clothes away
Rehearse a nicer tone of voice that´ll hit you when I say:
Won´t you come over?

I´ve fixed my house n´moved my lawn n´I tell you it ain´t fun
If I go on this way too long, I´ll be too much for anyone
Mush too proper n´much too clean, much too neat to ever get a lay
God knows what you might think the first time when you hear me say
Won´t you come over?