You - You - You
Tekst og musik: Lars Krarup/Ivan Pedersen

Real strong love is a serious thing
It makes one man weep and another man sing
But you, my darlin´- are all that I need to make my music swing
You know chorus and any lick around
How to lift me up n´how to hold me down
But you, my darlin´ are magic on sheets
You do wonders to my sound
But when we get to the middle 8
I´ll all shook up - I can hardly wait
The whole rhythm section is a crash, boom, bang
If anyone can make´em do their thing, then it´s you - you - you
Since you played the very string of my heart
I´m all addicted baby - and I fall apart if you, my darlin´
Ended the song without a count down to the start
You got real fine finish, there is no fade on you
You know how to make a strong build-up to
You can stay funky all through the night
If anyone convince me what I do is right
then it´s you - you - you
Nobody else but you
Close to my hear