Bad Excuses
Tekst og musik: Ivan Pedersen


This guy seems to have tried it all: Been there, seen this and that, done that!
Or did he do completely nothing of the sort? Anyway it´s time to move on.

I´ve said "I´m sorry" in every street of this town. If there was a fool, I bet, I wear the crown!. I was aiming for the stars, but I kept on going down. When dig bad excuses ever get a man off the ground?

I ´ve said "Hello" in evere joint in the town, and staggered home clinging to and lamppost around.
I´ve saluted every failure in any drink to be found, but when did bad booze and liquer ever get a man off the ground?
When did I first stop believing" Lose grip for my last straw?
Looking back on what I´ll be leaving, was backs turned the last thing that I saw.
I´ve said "Goodbye" to every girl in this town. Falling in love is easy, just like falling out, I found. I´ve got a reputation of wearing women down, ´cause they don´t take bad excuses, only love and money make them stay around.

No chances left for me in this town. I let no bridges standing - each and every one is burned down. it´s time that I got moving, ´ cause if I stuck around, I´m sure my bad excuses are gonna´ send me six feet down!